We Like Shooting Double Tap 015 – FRORK!

May 18 2017
by We Like Shooting
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Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 15, Tonight we’ll roast some thighs, we’ll answer your questions on Dear WLS, we’ll talk about NOT GUNS, and revisit past gear on gear chat revisited!

Our panel tonight, the machine gun moses Aaron Krieger,, Jeremy Pozderac from River’s Edge Tactical, Nick Lynch and my name is Shawn Herrin

Welcome to the show everyone.

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# Dear WLS


Brad J

Okay, question for the panel, most likely Jeremy… Looking at a Bolt-Action rifle for whitetail deer primarily, possibly black bear in Michigan and maybe a trip out west at some point for elk, mule deer, and/or antelope.

Trying to decide between 30-06 and .308. This will not be used for precision matches – if I wanted that I’d choose a gun designed for that (which would be way too heavy for traipsing around in the woods) and chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.

So, which would you choose and why? I’m kind of leaning towards 30-06 because I can get the gun I want in 30-06 for $100 less than the same model in .308 on a closeout sale – which means a $100 more for a scope. Also, it’s a long action so I could re-barrel it in a magnum cartridge at some point if I so desired.

They use the same bullet, but the 30-06 uses a longer case, which makes it a bit more flexible for reloading. On the other hand, there are a wider variety of factory loads for .308 from match Ammo to hunting loads, while almost all of the factory Ammo for the 30-06 is a hunting design.

Obviously, I’d like to have a “deer rifle” AND a magnum rifle for elk and black bear but at this point I’m looking for an all-arounder and either of those two cartridges will kill anything in the lower 48 ethically and cleanly. So… what do you think?

Name: Eric S

First time caller, Long time Photoshoper of Shawn,


Wanting to hear your opinion of:

  1. 6.5 Grendel for AR-15 vs .223
  2. 6.5 Creedmoor for AR-10 style platform vs 308 win

Are they a bunch of hype or a good round for these platforms for shooting longer range than the standard calibers


A few episodes ago you bashed Kimber a little (new models). I have a couple of Kimber .45’s but they are 10+ years old. Is it just the newer ones that you feel are lacking or just don’t like them period.

Just wondering because I have had zero problems with them and find them a joy to shoot.

Thanks for your great shows and a fun place to hang out (patron FB Page)


Dean H

What is your question? Hey Shawn, just spent the day at the range with Judson and finally saw the light of JCAA…AA. I bought a case of Freedom Munitions Reman 55 gr .223, because I’m a cheap ass. Lo and behold I could not have been more disappointed. (SHOCKING) I was getting keyholes and often rounds that were 2 to 3 FEET off of point of aim. While I’m no marksman, I was capable of getting decent groups out of 55 Gr Wolf Gold (more quality!) Out of the same rifle. After feeling utterly pleased with himself at my misfortune and a clear example of his ammo superiority, we decided to do some side by side testing. I got say the JCAA..AA is simply stellar stuff. And I will continue to be an avid supporter and loyal customer as long as Judson is buying.

Matthew R

I finally got around to pickin up a stripped lower for an AR15. I want to assemble an AR I can use for HD, the only problem is I live in Maryland and I am limited to HBAR only barrels. Finding barreled upper receivers with a HBAR is a pain in the ass unless they are in .300 blackout, 7.62 x 39 or a barrel length less than 16″. Since an SBR is out of the question I’m left for a couple options I’d like y’alls opinion on;

1) Is building an upper from parts difficult? I know I can order everything the way I want but how much skill is required. I can change my own oil and build IKEA furniture.

2) I’d like to keep my caliber 5.56 because I have a lot on hand. However I do already have a Mini 14 and having another caliber could be fun/useful. Are .300 blackout or 7.63 x 39 a good first AR option?


Andrew P

Hey guys, I’m thinking about getting one of them polimer 80 g19 lowers. How do you guys feel about carrying an 80% built gun? I know a few of you have built your own pistols. Any worry about it if you ever had to use it in self defense or home defense?  Could be a topic for a show?  Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Eric O

Hi guys. I am debating, again, with my wife about armed security teams in churches. I know y’all have had at least one pastor or congregant on to talk about such things that utilize church goers that are CCW holders. Is there a church that advertise this? Unless there is a source I can site, not counting having heard it on “one of those pod casts”, then it doesn’t exist and I’m making it up. Can ya point me in the right direction please?

Submit your questions to welikeshooting.com/dearwls


  1. California NY

Many of the guns they offer are California and NY complaint.




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# Not Guns
THIS WEEKS TOPIC: Greatest fear?

RANDOM ITEM: We talked about the FRORK and posting a picture of it with your firearm #frork, you are doing it wrong, so lets call them to find out how to get a FRORK (1-844-623-3767)

# Gear Chat Revisited:

  • NickLynch –
  • Savage1r –
  • Jerambe-  
  • Aaron –  ontario knife company
  • Shawn – SPHINX SDP Compact
  • Ava –  


This Weeks recommendation:


# Snap Caps, What do you know Pre-recorded segment where we ask random questions (also make Youtube Videos)

# ShenaniGUNs  (with youtube video)


Tactical Slide Knee Pads question

Matthew L

What pare of kneepads did Savage wear for the video “Tactical Slide”?: Alta Contour Knee and Elbow Pads.

Write down all the lyrics of the “Tactical Slide” song.: “Tactical slide, tactical slide, everybody, everybody, tactical slide.” Repeat 3 or 4 times. The rest, I couldn’t understand what the fuck he was “singing” Take Ava’s Jew voice, a crying baby, nails on a chalkboard and Justin Beiber’s entire music catalog playing all at once at maximum volume and all that still wouldn’t compare to that horrible song. Fuck it, you won this one Matt W.


Matt W

The pads reviewed by Savage1R were the Alta Contour Knee and Elbow Pads

First off…before we go into the lyrics for the “Tactical Slide”, I have one question. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Dear sweet baby Jesus can we please have a #snapcaps that DOES NOT involve having to listen to Savage1r attempt to sing? There are only so many of these “songs” that even the most sound minded individual can auditorily process before having to send WLS the bills for the ensuing psychotherapy sessions. And so begins…the tactical slide…consider yourself warned.

Boom chhh boom chhh boom chhh boom chhh

Tactical slide, tactical slide, everybody, everbody tactical slide

Tactical slide, tactical slide, everybody, everbody tactical slide

Tactical slide, tactical slide, everybody, everbody tactical slide (different voice of what can only be described as an prepubescent male trying his very best to have that deep baritone voice of Sean Connery in 007, and failing miserably)

Tactical slide, tactical slide, everybody, everbody tactical slide

Tactical slide, tactical slide, everybody, everbody tactical slide (enter stage left – voice number three. This Savage 1r has now has apparently perfected the inflection in Ben Stein’s voice…except is still using his nasally, reddit news reading voice to do so.)

Tactical slide, tactical slide, everybody, everbody tactical slide

Who wants to – unintelligible mumbling in a high, nasally, accent (…oh God make it stop) – echo sliiiiide

Who wants to – more unintelligible high pitched singing (…this is my life now…I hate myself for doing this) – forty fiiiiiive

Unintelligible – give it – unintelligible (seriously…listening to Savage sing isn’t worth this shit…1-800-273-8255)

Cause I’m in contours and give it all you got

Tactical slide, tactical slide, everybody, everbody tactical slide (oh look…we’re back to voice of the bastard child if Ben Stein and Peewee Herman had an offspring together somehow)

Tactical slide, tactical slide, everybody, everbody tactical slide.

I’m done…please don’t make me do it again…please…for the love of all that is holy…do not let Savage sing anymore…

Write a play by play of the events in the video titled “Thanks for the support”  and you can win the following Autographed picture of Savage, and a chance to win one of the most amazing prizes, 50 souls in hell. Be a champion of the underworld… dont show up with just your own soul… we will give you 50…

Wrap up


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