Stories That Happened In ME

  • May 18, 2014 | Comments
    Self Defense Roundup for May 18, 2014 – 3 Documented Defensive Gun Uses

    Today's stories include a defensive gun use from Montana, Maine, and Indiana. This is only the third documented defensive gun use in Maine and only the fourth in Montana. These stories bring our total documented defensive gun use count to 1,130. For many defensive gun use stories there is simply not enough information to write a full article, or we get backlogged due to a high number of stories, so we occasionally... Read More »

  • October 10, 2013 | Comments
    Family of Home Invader Killed by Homeowner Says He Was “No Criminal, Just Trying to Make Ends Meet”

    Let's add it to the list of things not to bring to a gunfight - brass knuckles. The family of 44-year-old Christopher Dennison is speaking out after he was killed by a homeowner whose home he broke into. According to WGME, "He didn't deserve to die," said his wife Cherie Thibault. "I know he shouldn't have did what he did, but he did it for us." They say Dennison wasn't there to kill anyone or steal anything,... Read More »

  • January 08, 2012 | Comments
    ME Burglar Was Interrupted By Family, Shot in Foot

    A ME burglar was interrupted when the family returned home. The burglar was subsequently shot in the foot by one of the homeowners. It's not clear if the homeowner was aiming at the suspect's foot on purpose or not. The suspect was captured by police, who were familiar with him.