Stories That Happened In FL

  • June 29, 2015 | Comments
    FL Homeowner Shoots Late Night Burglar [VIDEO]

    video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player A homeowner in Florida confronted a burglar before shooting him around 2am in Orlando. According to local media reports: Orlando Police Department said the break-in occurred on Bolder Lane, just off Michigan Street and Conway Road. The homeowner confronted the intruder before firing the shot, police said. The suspect is being treated at an area hospital... Read More »

  • June 26, 2015 | Comments
    Home Invader Gets Shot by Homeowner and Then Sentenced to Life in Prison

    Melbourne, FL — A man who organized a violent home invasion has been sentenced to life in prison. To add to his poetic justice, the reason he was caught is because he was shot by the homeowner during the act. According to local media reports: A jury convicted Bobby Lee Culler last week on charges of armed burglary of a dwelling with a firearm and aggravated assault in connection with the July 10, 2013 home... Read More »

  • June 25, 2015 | Comments
    Pizza Delivery Driver Ignores Anti-Gun Company Policy. Shoots and Kills 1 of 2 Armed Robbers. [VIDEO]

    Yet another pizza delivery driver has ignored their company's anti-gun policy and carried concealed on the job. That decision may very well have saved the driver's life. After being approached by two armed individuals demanding money, the driver drew his firearm and opened fire, killing one of the men. According to local media reports: According to police, the delivery worker, identified as Slayde Henry, was... Read More »

  • January 14, 2015 | Comments
    [Video] Taco Bell Customer Shoots and Kills Armed Robber in Parking Lot

    A Taco Bell customer used a concealed handgun to stop an armed robber yesterday afternoon. According to the Naples News/AP: Deputies say 37-year-old Ronald Farmer was standing beside his car when an armed man approached him wearing a ski mask and sunglasses. The man told Farmer he was robbing him and ordered him to drop his pants. Farmer told authorities he began to comply with the orders but distracted the man's... Read More »

  • December 22, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] Clerk Teaches Armed Robber Why You Don’t Bring a Pellet Gun to a Gunfight

    A would be armed robber in Florida learned the hard way they bringing a pellet gun to a gunfight probably isn't a good idea. The suspected entered the Neighborhood Meat Market in Daytona Beach, Florida and produced a pellet gun. The clerk produced a real firearm and opened fire on the suspect. The suspect immediately tried to flee the scene. He tried to carjack a woman in the parking lot, who turned out to be the... Read More »

  • October 22, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] Father Shoots and Kills Career Criminal in Gunfight During Home Invasion

    A Florida father had to use deadly force to defend himself and his 11 year old son from an early morning home invader this week. Just before 6:00am, Chris Bane heard glass breaking inside of his Sarasota home. He armed himself and went to investigate. According to My Fox Tampa Bay, "The burglar fired a shot and the homeowner returned fire, striking and killing the intruder," said Wendy Rose, a spokesperson for... Read More »

  • October 08, 2014 | Comments
    Son Shoots and Kills His Abusive Father In Defense of His Mother

    This is a sad story all around out of Bay County, Florida. However, without the son taking action, it is likely his mother would be dead or grievously injured today. Here is the press release from the sheriff's office: The Bay County Sheriff's Office responded to a 911 call at 2:39 p.m. today in reference to a domestic dispute at 4524 Gore Road in the Allenton community. Deputies arriving found one man dead at the... Read More »

  • September 29, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] “I Had to Defend My Home and My Child” – FL Woman Holds Intruder at Gunpoint

    Lizette Rosario didn't waste any time when she realized that someone was attempting to break into her Orange City, Florida home late last week. The mother of one grabbed a 9mm pistol and confronted a suspect at her back door. From WKMG, "I woke up frantic. The first thing I thought of was to grab my gun, defend my home, defend my child, and that's exactly what I went out there to do," Rosario said. "When you... Read More »

  • August 16, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] Florida Couple Both Grab Handguns and Open Fire on Home Invader, Killing Him

    A would be home invader in Florida found out the hard way that you don't want to mess with an armed couple. Marquise Trevel Yates broke into a home in Jacksonville, Florida around 6:30am. Yates became involved in a physical altercation with a male homeowner after threatening him. At some point during the altercation, the homeowner was able to access a personal firearm. He exchanged fire with Yates, who was also... Read More »