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March 16 2014
by GSL Staff
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FB_Wide gsl logoWhile most of my efforts here are focused on finding stories I think you guys would be interested in, I thought it was time to focus some energy into making some long overdue improvements to the site to make things more usable and enjoyable for you guys.

First off, as I mentioned in another post, we’ve switched our on-site commenting system to Disqus. So far this seems to be going great. We’re seeing more comments per article with more actual discussion taking place. This change has also reduced the load on our database which has allowed us to save some money on hosting.

I took that money we’re now saving on hosting and setup a new content delivery network to host our static files (images, Javascript, and CSS files). This should translate to MUCH faster page load times for you guys. If you see a file being hosted at or (or other numbers) that is the content delivery network.

Next up, we spruced up blockquotes. Blockquotes are what we use when we quote a block of text from another source, like a news article or research paper. Previously, block quotes were harder to read and it wasn’t always obvious when something was being quoted.

This is how old block quotes used to look. The italic text made longer blocks of text harder to read and it wasn’t always clear that you were reading a quote from another website.

This is how the new blockquotes look. They should be easier to read and it should also be easier to tell when something is being quoted from another source.

Hope you guys enjoy the new changes and we’ll continue to look for new ways to make the site more user friendly as we move forward. Thanks for reading!

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