Virginia Homeowner Uses “Biden Defense Method,” Fires Shotgun Into Air

January 13 2014
by GSL Staff
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The Biden strategy for self defense hasn’t worked out for at least one person who tried it. That individual finds himself charged with reckless discharge of a firearm.

Maybe things will go better for this Virginia resident who employed the same strategy against car jackers.

The incident started when the victim met an individual to see about purchasing a car. The suspect met the victim along with a second suspect.

Instead of showing the victim a car for sale, the suspects drew firearms and attempted to rob the victim of his cash and car.

The victim, however, had different ideas. I a true, “mine is bigger” moment, the victim grabbed a shotgun out of his car and fired a Bidenesque (it’s a word now) warning shot into the air.

The suspects fled the scene, but opened fire on the victim as they fled.

No one was hurt during incident and police are still searching for the suspects. It has not yet been announced how the suspects lured the victim into the ambush.

This is only the 19th defensive gun use we’ve documented in the state of Virginia, but it’s the 1048th defensive gun use we’ve documented overall.

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