Armed Oklahoma Man Ends Shooting Spree (2009)

August 13 2011
by GSL Staff
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An armed citizen in OK stops what could have been a very dangerous shooting spree. No one, including the shooter, was hurt, and the police arriving on scene had no trouble distinguishing the armed citizen from the active shooter.

Police say a man described as being a Marine was visiting his father for the holidays. For some reason the man was upset about something to do with his military status. This led the man to arm himself and begin firing indiscriminately in the area.

Before police could get to the suspect he was actually stopped and disarmed by a private citizen with a firearm. The citizen got the suspect to drop his weapon. The citizen secured the weapon and the suspect fled, but was caught by police after a brief standoff.

Thankfully there was a brave, armed citizen on scene as police may not have been able to arrive quickly enough to prevent loss of life to people in the area.

This is an example where a private citizen was able to stop a mass shooting without firing a single shot.

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