[Video] Detroit Woman – Without Concealed Weapons Permit… I’d Be Dead

May 7 2014
by GSL Staff
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Incident at a Glance
Gun(s) Used: , , , Location:
# of Suspects: Shots Fired:
Suspect Killed: State:
Source: clickondetroit.com Archive: WebCite.org

The Detroit Revolution continues. This is just the latest of a string of defensive gun uses coming out of the Motor City.

In this case, the victim didn’t escape unscathed though. Paris Ainsworth was shot by would be robbers twice in the sides and once in her hand in her driveway after returning from work.

However, she was still able to draw her .45ACP handgun and return fire, hitting one of the suspects in both of his legs.

According to ClickOnDetroit.com,

“I said, ‘You mother (expletive),’ and pulled out (my gun) and started shooting. One, he was right in the middle of the street. The other one was right here on the (side of the street),” she said.

The pair of suspects were caught when they showed up at an area hospital seeking treatment for gunshot wounds.

Ainsworth acquired her carry permit two years ago and says she trains regularly.

This is the 47th defensive gun use we’ve documented in the state of Michigan and the 1,116th defensive gun use we’ve documented overall.

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