[Video] 63 Year Old Grandmother Shoots and Kills 16 Year Old Home Invader Armed With a Shotgun

January 7 2014
by GSL Staff
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stock_P1020356Guns, the great equalizers. How else could a 63 year old woman who lives alone ever fight back against a 16 year old armed with a shotgun?

A 63 year old grandmother, who does not want to be identified, had to use deadly force to defend herself and her home this week.

A shotgun wielding, 16 year old home invader forced his way into the woman’s home and demanded money.

After the woman opened the safe she keeps in her home, she handed the suspect a bag of coins from the safe. When the suspect took one hand off the shotgun, the woman grabbed her gun, which was also in the safe, and fired one round at close range.

The shot struck the suspect in the chest, who then fled the home, but collapsed a short distance from the home.

He was declared dead at the scene.

According to KSLA,

“55 dollars in coins, and he lost his life,” said the tearful woman. She says her heart goes out to his family, and that she never intended to kill the young man.

Police have linked the suspect to a robbery of the same woman at the same address in the recent past. During that robbery attempt the suspect stole money and a gun from the woman. Fortunately, she bought another gun.

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