SC Homeowner Tries to Take Joe Biden’s Advice Against Thief, It Didn’t Work, and He Was Forced to Shoot Him

October 16 2013
by GSL Staff
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shotgun stockA South Carolina homeowner apparently took a page out Joe “Double Barrels to the Sky” Biden’s playbook.

When the homeowner discovered an intruder on his property, he fired a warning shot from his shotgun. However, that only made the suspect come towards the homeowner.

At this point, the homeowner apparently decided the Vice President’s advice was poor a poor self defense tactic and actually fired on the suspect, who then fled the scene.

Police discovered a car with blood in it nearby and a short time later received a call about a man seeking treatment for a shotgun wound at an area hospital.

According to WCSC,

“It’s unfortunate that someone was shot in this case, however, the home owner has the right to protect himself and his property. The Sheriff’s Office will not be seeking charges against the home owner for the shooting.” said Sheriff Strickland.

The suspected thief is expected to survive the injuries to his thigh and midsection.

If you don’t remember, Joe Biden famously told a woman that she should get a double barreled shotgun for home defense and fire it into the air if anyone ever tried to break into her home (see video below).

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