Retired Federal (DHS) Agent Opens Fire on Two Would Be Burglars

June 9 2013
by GSL Staff
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Stock Gun Photo - Silver GunAccording to DNAinfo, a homeowner, who is also a retired DHS agent, living in Queens, New York came home to find two intruders in his home.

The homeowner opened fire on the suspects, firing 5-6 shots according to witnesses. The homeowner is unsure if either man was hit, but police are canvassing area hospitals just in case one of the men shows up seeking treatment.

Several witnesses, including a young boy getting off the school bus, saw the suspects fleeing the scene following the gunshots.

According to DNAinfo,

An 11-year-old neighbor said he was arriving home on the school bus when he saw two men running out from the house.

“I saw a guy running down Somerset Street,” said the boy, whose family asked for him not to be identified.

“He was wearing a dark blue hoodie and dark blue sweatpants. Then I saw another guy coming out of that house, from the side door. He was jogging and he had his hand in his pockets. The two guys met up in the street and were talking for 10 seconds and then they both ran off fast.”

It’s bound to happen, so go ahead with your jokes about the DHS agent missing despite the department purchasing hundreds of millions (possibly billions) of rounds of ammo supposedly to be used for training.

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