PA Resident Uses AR15 to Defend Himself and His Wife from Intruder Who May Have Been on Drugs

April 23 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to, a husband and wife in Elkins Park, PA were speaking outside their apartment when a man walked up and began staring at them for several minutes.

Alarmed, the couple tried to go back to their apartment, but the man jumped between them and forced his way into the apartment.

The husband quickly secured an AR15, which was inside the apartment, and leveled it at the suspect, telling him to leave.

When the suspect started menacingly approaching the husband and ignored several commands to stop, he fired one shot into the chest of the intruder.

The residents immediately called 911 and are cooperating with police.

The suspect was pronounced dead at an area hospital.

Police say the residents did not know the intruder and they are cooperating with police.

The rifle was legally owned by the resident.

The intruder was currently awaiting trial for assault in an unrelated incident.

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