Omaha Homeowner Gives Intruder Life Advice as He Holds Him at Gunpoint

April 15 2013
by GSL Staff
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A homeowner in Omaha had a lot to say to an intruder he caught on his property.

“I worked for everything I have, all my life,” said the homeowner, 55. “I worked day and night for many years, so I said, ‘Why don’t you try getting a job?’”

The homeowner grabbed his shotgun when he heard his dog barking at something around 1am.

He found the would be intruder in a detached garage near the home. He held the suspect at gunpoint while his wife called police.


“I just stood in the doorway with my gun on him so I could see both ways, because I figured he had a partner somewhere around,” Wegman said. “I told him to get on his knees and stay there, and he did.”

Someone stole items valued at about $4,000 from the same garage about three weeks ago. Wegman said Linson promised to return those items plus $1,000.

“I was born during the day, but I wasn’t born yesterday,” Wegman said. “What did he think I would do? Just let him go?”

This is another great example of a defensive gun use in which no shots were fired and no one was hurt.

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