Houston Man Wins Gunfight Against 4-5 Armed Suspects, 1 Suspect Killed, 1 Wounded

May 24 2013
by GSL Staff
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Incident at a Glance
Gun(s) Used: Location:
# of Suspects: , Shots Fired:
Suspect Killed: , State:
Source: khou.com Archive: WebCite.org

A Houston resident was walking home from a nightclub early on the morning of May 18th when he was approached by 4 or 5 armed individuals. Based on the news report, it is unclear if their motivation was robbery or another reason, but the men opened fire on the resident.

Stock Gun Photo - iStock_000016146459XSmallThe resident, who was also armed with a concealed handgun fought back, opening fire on the group of armed suspects. It has been confirmed he hit at least 2 of the subjects, killing one of them. The second suspect turned up at an area hospital a short time later. Police say a third suspect may have also been wounded.

The victim was also wounded, being shot once in the back, but his injuries are reported as being relatively minor and he was released from the hospital shortly after receiving treatment.

Police say there could be as many as 3 of the suspects still on the street. The wounded suspect will be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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