Gunman Attempts to Open Fire at Crowded Movie Theatre, Is Shot by Off Duty Cop, No Deaths

December 19 2012
by GSL Staff
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Police are still investigating why a gunman tried to open fire in a San Antonio restaurant and then nearby movie theatre during a late night showing of “The Hobbit.”

What police do know is that no one died thanks to the actions off-duty police sergeant, identified as Lisa Castellano.

Castellano was off duty and was at the theatre as a private citizen when she saw the gunman with his weapon in his hand.

Castellano fired 4 shots and hit the man once, immediately ended the potential shooting spree.

Police believe the gunman may have been targeting his co-workers which were at the location and that a breakup with his girlfriend may have played a role as well.

Police say over 30 shots were fired, including the 4 fired by Castellano.

The suspect, if he survives, will likely face capital attempted murder charges since he fired at a police car at one point during the incident.

We at GSL applaud the bravery and quick actions of Ms. Castellano.

UPDATE: It appears Ms. Castellano was working as private security for the theatre during the incident.

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