Grandson Shoots Repeat Burglar Who Stole From His 98 Year Old Blind & Deaf Grandmother With Shotgun

May 16 2013
by GSL Staff
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There is nothing that gets my blood boiling more than someone who takes advantage of the elderly or disabled.

A Michigan man, who cares for his 98 year old grandmother, who has trouble seeing and hearing, became alarmed when the real time monitoring system he used to keep an eye on his grandmother became disconnected so he went to her home to investigate.

When he arrived, he found that thieves had forced their way into the home and stolen the laptop that he used to monitor his grandmother’s condition along with an ATV from the garage. He reported the crime to police, and fearing for this grandmother’s well being decided to spend the night. He also brought a shotgun along should the thieves return.

Return they did. Around 4am the man heard a loud knock, followed by the sounds of someone breaking into the home. The grandson grabbed his shotgun and confronted the would be thief, firing a shot at him, but missing. He ran outside the home and tried to get a license plate number of the waiting vehicle.

During this process, the driver of the vehicle allegedly tried to run the grandson down. Fearing for his life, the grandson fired several shots at the vehicle.

At least one of those shots hit home and the driver eventually drove himself to an area hospital to seek treatment.

It was found out the suspect as actually a wanted fugitive and parole violator. Once released from the hospital the man will be charged with home invasion and presumably have to deal with his parole violations.

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