Gary Johnson For President

October 19 2012
by GSL Staff
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Yeah, it probably doesn’t mean too much to you, and honestly a gun blog shouldn’t be the main influence on who you are voting for. is proudly endorsing Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, for president of the United States. From a gun rights and general liberty standpoint, Johnson is by far the best choice. He is the only candidate who would actually work to expand gun rights and personal freedoms.

Many of you may be saying, “Any vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama!”

Well, let me tell you why that is simply not true. First off, unless you live in one of a handful of swing states, and let’s be even more honest, Ohio or Florida, then your vote is probably not going to matter, because your state is probably going to go for the same party it went for in 2008. In that situation, your vote will truly not count. So the argument of “Well, I really like everything Johnson has done in his career and agree with what he says, I just don’t think he can win. So, I’m not going to vote for him.” What kind of logic is that? Do we get a prize after the election for picking the winning candidate?

Second, Johnson is going to pull votes from both Obama and Romney. The Libertarian platform ( is attractive to both liberals and conservatives for different reasons. I’m not telling just conservatives to vote for Johnson, true Americans who may fall on the liberal side of some issues should vote for Johnson as well. In fact, Johnson is already pulling more votes from Obama than Romney in Nevada:

You can still use your vote to make a difference. Every vote for Gary Johnson is showing the GOP and Democratic parties that the American people are fed up with what they have become. If Johnson can pull 5-10% of the popular vote that will mean that the GOP and Democrats are going to have to try to court that demographic. If they don’t they will eventually fall to the Libertarian party. Maybe not this election, maybe not the next, but the American people will eventually get tired of having two choices forced down their throat every four years.

As of right now Johnson should be on the ballot in all states. No need to write him in.

Don’t know much about Johnson? He was an extremely popular, two term governor of New Mexico. During his terms he took a huge budget deficit and turned it into a huge surplus. Also, on a completely non political issue, the guy climbed Mt. Everest. Yeah. That happened.

Pro guns, pro personal freedoms, pro small government.

Here are some resources:

Also, here is what world famous trainer James Yeager has to say about Johnson (language NSFW)

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