Gallup Poll: Americans Want More Police in Schools, Better Mental Health Care, Not Weapons Ban

December 20 2012
by GSL Staff
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According to a Gallup poll conducted on Dec 18th (4 days after the Sandy Hook Shooting) show that Americans do have opinions on what actions should be taken to prevent another tragedy.

However, some may be surprised to learn that an Assault Weapons Ban isn’t in the top 3 of that list and most Americans don’t think a ban would be highly effective.

The poll respondents would rather see better mental health care, less violence on television and primarily an increased police presence in schools (we also think armed, highly trained and armed staff at a school could fill this role too).


42% of respondents thought an assault weapons ban would be highly effective at stopping school shooting and 36% thought it would have little to no effect.

Further breaking the stats down, Republicans and Independents thought a ban would be far less effective than self identified Democrats.


The results here are clear. Except for the most liberal Democrats, a majority of the American people feel that there are several other solutions that would be more effective in stopping school shootings than any kind of weapons ban. Even the identified Democrats feel that more spending and a better mental health system would be more effective at curbing violence than a weapons ban.

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