Dumb Criminal Alert: Guy Tries to Rob Gun Store With Baseball Bat

July 27 2013
by GSL Staff
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Source: katu.com Archive: WebCite.org

500px-Baseball_bat.svg“Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight” is an old saying, but really that saying should be, “don’t bring anything except a gun to a gun fight.”

Derrick Mosley, a 22 year old man from Beaverton, OR, learned that lesson the hard way when he entered an area gun store with a baseball bat, smashed a display case and attempted to steal a gun.

The manager of the store simply drew his own gun, ordered Mosley to the ground at gunpoint, and held him there until police arrived.

According to KATU.com,

They handcuffed Mosley on the spot and took him into custody on charges of first-degree robbery, first-degree theft, unlawful possession of a firearm and second-degree criminal mischief. Bail was set at $250,000.

Sounds like Mosley will have plenty of time to think about what went wrong with his attempted heist.

This is another great example of a defensive gun use in which no shots were fired, no one was hurt, and the bad guy ended up in jail.

Because no shots were fired and no one was hurt, this incident will likely no be considered in self defense statistics as those studies often only involve cases where guns were actually fired in self defense.

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