Carry Permit Holder Fights Off Crowbar Wielding Burglar, Earns Praise From Police

December 18 2013
by GSL Staff
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Stock - gun in handCraig Paulson, a construction worker in Minnesota, left the front door of the bank owned home he was working in open to let in the cool fall air.

This turned out to be a mistake.

Someone took advantage of the open door, grabbed Paulson’s crowbar that was near the front door and then moved to the room Paulson was working in and confronted him.

Fortunately, Paulson is a carry permit holder and carries a firearm all the time.

Paulson drew his concealed handgun and leveled it at the armed intruder.

According to KSTP, this is what happened next,

According to Paulson, the suspect then turned and fled, dropping the crowbar on the way out of the house. Paulson watched the suspect flee to a parked passenger car about a half a block away where he got into the driver’s side of the vehicle, but Paulson said couldn’t tell if he got into the driver’s seat or the back seat of the vehicle as it sped away.

Paulson dialed 911 and reported the incident to police who arrived a short time later and filled out a report calling the incident a “burglary of dwelling,” according to the police report. Paulson said the police told him that it’s “not uncommon” for suspects to enter homes through open doors in the spring and fall looking for items that they can quickly steal while the occupants may be in another part of the house or in the back yard.

Despite the fact that police recorded the incident as a burglary, Paulson said he feels like he avoided a “potentially bad situation” that day that could have turned into something much worse. Paulson claims that the responding officer even said they “love the CCW guys.”

This is another example of a defensive gun use in which no shots were fired and no one was hurt. This type of defensive gun use is often not reported to police and is even less often reported by the media. For these reasons, these most common types of defensive gun uses are likely under-represented in studies and statistics on defensive gun uses.

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