Armed Massachusetts Store Clerk Ends Armed Robbery Without Firing a Shot

August 27 2013
by GSL Staff
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Stock Gun Photo - 1911 handgunIf you’re considering a career in armed robbery you’ll probably want to take notes from this attempted robbery as things not to do.

A would be armed robber entered a Massachusetts liquor store with plans of getting some quick cash.

The suspect’s head was covered with white cap with eye holes cut out.

The suspect even voiced his current state of mind during the robbery.

According to WWLP the suspect said, “I’m all cracked out! Give me all your cash.”

Nothing says professional criminal like voicing your level of impairment during the commission of a crime.

The suspect, armed with a large knife, quickly found he was outgunned when the clerk then pulled out his own handgun and pointed it at the suspect.

At this point, the suspect then fled the scene. Police tried to track the suspect, but were ultimately unsuccessful.

This is another great example of an armed citizen stopping a crime without firing a shot. Because of this fact, this incident will likely not be included in many self defense statistics which often only list incidents in which shots were fired or someone was killed.

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