Armed Homeowner in Ohio Captures Two Daytime Burglars

January 22 2013
by Dan Cannon
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An Ohio homeowner came home during the day and found a man burglarizing his home. The homeowner, who has a concealed weapons permit, drew his gun and ordered the suspect to the ground.

The homeowner held the suspect at gunpoint as he called police.

Once the police arrived, the officer handcuffed the man on the floor.

The homeowner then went upstairs in his home and found a second suspect. Once again the homeowner drew his weapon and held the suspect at gunpoint until the officer could handcuff him.

Both men were wearing masks, gloves and carrying tools used to break into the home.

Police are awaiting a search warrant to search a nearby car they believe was used by the suspects.

Both suspects are charged with burglary.

This is another story that probably won’t be included in most self defense statistics or studies because no shots were fired.

Dan Cannon

Dan Cannon

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Dan has combined his love of gun rights and technology to create one of the most read websites dedicated to Second Amendment news. Dan's writing has been featured on The Daily Caller and AmmoLand. When he's not writing, Dan enjoys saltwater kayaking, SEC football and putting way too much money into his custom 10/22.

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