[Video] Step Mom of Convicted Felon Shot to Death During Home Invasion – “He was a good kid”

October 23 2014
by GSL Staff
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Earlier this week we reported on the homeowner in Sarasota, Florida who shot and killed a suspected home invader in order to defend his 11 year old son.

The suspect in that home invasion has been identified as Calvin Yoder.

Now, Yoder’s stepmother, Tara Wade, is speaking out, saying that Calvin knew the homeowner and was visiting him with his brother.

She told ABC News that Calvin was convinced to go to the home of the victim by his brother, Leon.

She went on to say:

“He was a good kid, loving, caring, very laid back,” explained Wade.

Calvin Yoder was a convicted felon who had twice served prison sentences for crimes he committed.

Police aren’t buying Wade’s version of events as of right now. They are treating the incident as a home invasion and a self defense shooting.

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