[Video] Ohio Homeowner Shoots 2 Different Home Intruders in 6 Weeks

January 2 2013
by GSL Staff
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This is a follow up to the story we posted yesterday about a Cleveland, OH homeowner who was attacked by a man who broke into his home.

We have more details to report.

Apparently the homeowner does not live in this home fulltime, but has been staying there recently to try and restore the home and make repairs.

He has been plagued by break ins and people stealing his tools and other posessions. That’s when the the homeowner decided to defend his home by staying there at night.

Six weeks ago the homeowner shot a man in the face as he tried to break into the home. That man has a history of burglary. This man died of his wounds.

The second suspect that we reported on yesterday was a little more lucky. After he broke into the home he got into a confrontation with the homeowner who shot the would be intruder after he attacked him with a lamp. The homeowner shot the man in the face and arm and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

Police say no charges are expected against the homeowner.

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