Reader Q&A, Part 1: Unladen Swallows, Selfies, NFA, Klondike Bars

July 30 2014
by GSL Staff
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Last night I had the brilliant idea to ask our 162,000+ Facebook fans to ask me any questions they wanted and they did.

Here are some the top/most interesting questions asked. Some are gun related, some not. First name and last initial used for privacy.

NOTE: I am not a lawyer and nothing in this post should be construed as being legal advice. If you want actual legal advice, pay your attorney for an hour of his time.

Jay D – Why in God’s Name do People decide it’s a good time to take a “Selfie” at the Range on the Firing Line pointing a Loaded weapon Up Range instead of keeping it pointed at the Target.

People are idiots.

Darrin M – We hear a lot about guns save live what we don’t hear is the after math for the person who had to use his or her gun to defend themselves and what happens with the gun after the police are called? Do the police take the firearm and if they do how long do they keep it or do they take for good and don’t give it back?

I’m sure this varies a bit from area to area. If someone is killed, you can be sure your gun will be taken as evidence. The amount of time, from what I’ve heard, can vary from a couple of weeks to years. Some police departments are also very bad about wanting to give firearms back to citizens. Some make you prove ownership and if the firearm you used to defend yourself was inherited, a gift, or purchased from a private sale that may be hard. I wouldn’t keep a firearm for self defense that I wasn’t comfortable losing for a significant amount of time.

Matt W – How do you feel about “non-violent” felons being denied the the right to own a firearm?

I think that once a person has fulfilled their sentence under the law (especially for non-violent crimes), their rights should be restored in full. If society should no longer trust that person to vote or own a firearm, then they should still be locked up in my opinion.

Brian E – What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen African Swallow?

I don’t plan on ever being king, so I don’t need to know such things.

Bill K – Does anyone else think that the Remington 51 looks like a copy of the Makarov?

Yes, but interestingly the design of the original Remington Model 51 predates the Makarov by several decades (1917 vs 1949).

Edgar K – [Summarizing here, but I believe Edgar was asking how I feel about a national concealed carry permit process and training.]

I would prefer to see constitutional carry nationwide. I absolutely support training and I think it is literally the best money you can spend in firearm world. That said, I don’t support government mandated training at all.

Steven H – What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Nothing, give me a Drumstick any day.

Scott F – Full blown caliber war. 7.62 Tokarev vs. .357 Sig!!!

.357 Sig because more modern firearms are chambered for it.

Brad W – Suppressers, should they be taken off the NFA, moved to 4473’s, or unregulated entirely.

Moving them to a Form 4473 would be a step in the right direction. However, in my opinion they are safety devices and shouldn’t be anymore regulated than eye protection.

Is Jesse Ventura really a Douche Bag ?

In my personal opinion, yes.

Bill S – My wife and I are about to take the ccw class here in Okla and I want to know if the permit is good in any other states.

Yes, OK’s permit is honored by many states. You can go to USA Carry and use their interactive map to see which states have reciprocity with your own state.

Kassandra P – Is there a difference between Constitutional Carry and Open Carry or is it basically the same thing?

Open carry simply means carrying a firearm in plain sight, as opposed to concealed. Some states make a differentiation here and have made it legal to carry a firearm openly without a permit, while requiring a permit for concealed carry. Some states require a permit for both, and some states allow concealed carry only. Constitutional carry means that no permit is required to carry either openly or concealed. For instance, in Arizona, anyone who can legally own a firearm, can legally carry it in public without a permit.

Stefan A – What are my options for dealing with the possibility of having to defend myself in court from a self defense shooting from a financial standpoint? Legal fees are likely to go into many thousands of dollars and I’m guessing your average ccw doesn’t have that kind of money sitting around. It would be enough to make me hesitate at a critical moment.

Good question. One of your best defenses to is to thoroughly understand your state and local laws in regards to the use of deadly force. These can vary greatly from state to state. Read the laws yourself and make sure you understand them. Rarely do clean cut defensive gun uses result in prosecution. It’s most often (but not always) the grey area cases that end up in court. That said, if you use a firearm against another person there is a chance you will have to answer for your actions in court. This is costly and there is sometimes no way around it. There are some insurance companies out there who offer “self defense insurance” that charge a monthly or annual premium. They will then pay some or all of your legal fees if you’re involved in a defensive gun use. I don’t personally have experience with any of these companies, so I don’t want to recommend any here, but they do exist.

Michael R – Is there a gun cleaning solution you prefer?

I like the Modern Spartan Systems products and the FrogLube cleaning products.

Aj G – What is the most common firearm used in your self defense stories?

Makes/models are rarely reported. However, handguns are the most commonly used type of firearm by far.

Aj G – What is the most common cartridge use in your self defense stories?

This is hard to calculate because caliber is often not reported in most of these cases. Of the cases where caliber was reported, .22LR is the most common, with .38SP being 2nd and 9mm being 3rd. We also have quite a few stories where a shotgun was the reported weapon, but in many of those the gauge wasn’t mentioned, but I think we can pretty safely assume 12GA is up there as well.

Johan S – From South Africa: do you feel that your efforts in publicizing successful self-defence gun-uses are having a positive impact?

Anything you would have done differently in establishing your website?

I hope they’re having a positive effect. I do get quite a few messages from people each week telling me they have just discovered the website and consider it a valuable resource. As far as the second question, there are many things I would have done differently, more than can be discussed here. The biggest thing I wish I had done different is set the database up to track more individual data points for each story for sorting/searching. Of course I can go back and do that now, but that means 1200+ stories would have to be recategorized.

Bill K – Will the poor availability of rimfire ammunition eventually lead to a new type of ammunition and matching firearms that will fill the need for a low-cost, user-friendly, fun way to shoot?

I think rimfire ammo availability will catch up to demand within the next 6-9 months. Although I could see that being accompanied by a slight price increase at the wholesale level to help cut down on demand.

Henry R – Do you think california will ever give rights back to its citizens? Like open carry or shall issue ccw’s?

Not unless they are forced to do so by a future court decision.

Steve R – Do you think Smith and Wesson will ever get rid of those STUPID locks they have on their revolvers?

I wish, but I doubt it.

Aaron M – How do you feel about responsible gun owners with medical marijuana?

I don’t think people should handle firearms while impaired by any substance, but I don’t think the legal use of medical marijuana should be automatic disqualifier for ownership of a firearm or a carry permit.

Kevin D – Is Santa Clause real?


Jaime G – How many times will you have to clear the search history on your computer once this experiment goes sideways?


Toby K – When are you justified in using pepper spray?

This would vary from state to state, but I would say whenever you’re justified in using deadly force in your particular area.

Gary H – Ted Kennedy killed more people with his CAR than I have with MY guns! I can’t say the same thing about the government guns I was issued, however.

That’s not a question, but thanks.

Arick O – Do you agree with Karl Marx’s idea that every worker should be given a rifle the same day they’re allowed to vote?

I don’t believe the government should be providing people with any sort of property, guns or otherwise.

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