Poll: Would You Use Your Gun to Save a Stranger’s Life?

February 12 2014
by GSL Staff
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Stock Gun Photo  - Semi AutoI was having a discussion with several gun owning friends the other day, and somehow we got onto the topic of using a legally carried firearm to save the life of a complete stranger.

The discussion was somewhat divided and many points were raised as to why someone would or would not do this.

For the purposes of this poll, let’s assume you are a legal gun carrier (whatever that means in your state) and you see a violent crime being committed. For the purposes of this question, assume that only you can stop this crime and you can only stop it using your firearm. If you don’t intervene, the victim (who is a complete stranger to you) will most likely suffer death or great bodily harm (you have no way of knowing which).

As in a real life situation, there is no guarantee your intervention will save the person and there is no guarantee that you will not become involved in a life or death situation yourself.

Just to try and keep this to a single issue as much as possible, let’s also assume that you can safely get away from the situation with no danger to yourself without using your firearm.

I know this is very far from a perfect question/setup, but it’s meant to encourage discussion and critical thought about different situations.

Obviously, different states have different laws that govern the use of deadly force and that may play into your individual answer.

So, answer the poll question below and then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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