POLL: At What Age Should Children be Introduced to Firearms?

March 30 2014
by GSL Staff
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stock_22_rifleI have several fond memories of my childhood that involve guns. My first toy gun, first BB gun, first shotgun and first rifle.

In my home, firearms were commonplace and thought of as something to be respected, not feared.

I was exposed to firearms early on and was taught not to handle them unless under direct supervision. Because I was regularly taken target shooting and hunting, I never had any desire to handle firearms when my parents weren’t around.

I realize that many people were raised in a similar manner, however many were not. Even many people I know who are avid gun owners as adults had a very different introduction to firearms than me. Some were introduced in their teenage years, others not until adulthood.

So, I want to hear from you, our readers, as to what age you think it is appropriate to introduce children to firearms.

This poll is obviously not scientific and is more than likely quite a bit biased given our audience.

Results may not update in realtime.

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