California Governor Candidate Compares Obama to Hitler, Stalin on Gun Control

March 7 2014
by GSL Staff
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Well, these sentiments are certainly echoed far and wide on the Internet, however, we haven’t really seen too many people bring a Hitler argument into mainstream politics yet. That has changed with California Assemblyman, and California governor candidate Tim Donnelly’s recent comments.

From Donnelly’s Twitter feed,

Of course the image probably looks pretty familiar if you’re on social media as it’s been circulating for quite a while.

According to the LA Times,

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, a Republican candidate for governor, on Tuesday likened President Obama to dictators such as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin on the issue of gun control.

The comparison, issued in a tweet, included an image with two rows of portraits. The first one showed George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and others who Donnelly said “stood for gun rights.” The second had Obama alongside Hitler, Stalin and King George III as people who “stood for gun control.”

Donnelly, a lawmaker from San Bernardino County, has made expansion of gun rights a central part of his platform, aligning himself with advocates who view gun regulations as a dangerous form of government overreach. He’s also criticized Neel Kashkari, another Republican gubernatorial candidate, for not having similar views.

In a recent fundraising appeal, Donnelly said Kashkari “wants to trample your rights and seize your guns.” Kashkari is a gun owner who has said that a background check and waiting period when purchasing firearms did not bother him.

After Kashkari pretty much said he would do nothing to expand gun rights in California, Donnelly is hoping to capture the votes of Second Amendment supporters in Cali.

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