• January 26, 2015 | Comments
    WHY I CARRY: GA Couple Missing After Meeting Someone on Craigslist to Purchase a Car

    Here is another one of our “Why I Carry” stories. These stories, unlike our defensive gun use stories, take a look at situations that may have turned out very differently if the victim(s) had been armed. These stories are the “other side of the coin” so to speak and serve as an important reminder as to why it’s important to take responsibility for your own personal safety. The fate of a Telfair County, GA... Read More »

  • January 23, 2015 | Comments
    Federal Interstate Transportation of Firearms and Ammunition Bill Introduced

    The following post is via the NRA-ILA. U.S. Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-Va.) recently introduced H.R. 131, a bill that would more comprehensively address the interstate transportation of firearms and ammunition for law-abiding gun owners. Current federal law guarantees the right of law-abiding persons to transport firearms between two locations where they have a legal right to possessand carry them, regardless of state... Read More »

  • January 23, 2015 | Comments
    [VIDEO] Constitutional Carry Bill Introduced in Kansas

    As we get further and further into 2015 that means we are going to start seeing more and more action on gun rights (and unfortunately gun control) bills playing out in state legislatures. It looks like the citizens of Kansas might be getting their carry rights expanded if a newly introduced bill successfully makes its way through the legislature. According to local media reports: Kansas legislators are likely... Read More »

  • January 23, 2015 | Comments
    [VIDEO] Concealed Carrier in Texas Shoots and Kills Armed Robber in the Streets of Dallas

    Texas continues to lead the country in defensive gun uses (at least as we're documenting them). A concealed carrier in Dallas was the subject of an armed robbery attempt earlier this week. Unfortunately for the would be robber, his victim was armed. According to CBS Dallas: A pedestrian took matters into his own hands early Thursday when he was confronted by an armed robber. This happened shortly after midnight... Read More »

  • January 22, 2015 | Comments
    Asp Expands Line Of Concealable Batons For 2015

    For those of us in the concealed carry crowd, there are times it is nice to have something as a backup to your pistol.  I will sometimes carry a baton with me. I do not only carry one for self-defense, there is a host of other uses for a batons.  They are a tool just like anything else that you might carry.  I have used a baton to pry things open, poke around places I don't want to put my hand and they can be used... Read More »

  • January 22, 2015 | Comments
    PA Lawmaker Seeks Sponsors For Bill To Ban Silhouette Targets

    As if we don't have enough silly stuff to deal with right now with Sharon Watts calling for her followers to assault people legally carrying weapons. Now it looks like a lawmaker is pushing a bill to ban the use of silhouette targets. Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland (D) wants people to know that life is precious, all life.  Including the poor guy printed on the target I guess.  But what he fails to realize is that they... Read More »

  • January 22, 2015 | Comments
    New From Olight: S30R Baton Light

    I have had a working relationship with Olight since last year at SHOT.  I have used one of their lights as my EDC for almost a year now.  The M18 Maverick has been an amazing light, and one that I use literally every day for something.  It has been an amazing workhorse for me, and I truly love the functionality of the light. Olight has come out with a line of rechargeable baton lights now that are quite amazing,... Read More »

  • January 21, 2015 | Comments
    BREAKING: SIG Responds to ATF Brace Ruling, Will Take Action

    The following is a press release as it came from SIG. NEWINGTON, N.H. (January 21, 2015)—SIG SAUER, Inc., has issued the following statement about the recent opinion by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in regard to the SB15 and SBX pistol stabilizing braces. “As reaffirmed in an Open Letter by ATF’s Firearms and Ammunition Technology Division dated January 16, 2015, the Pistol... Read More »

  • January 21, 2015 | Comments
    Homeowner Uses Sword and Antique Gun to Stop Home Invader

    File this under weird, but still technically a defensive gun use. An Austin, Texas resident, Lawrence Faz, broke into an apartment with a knife and tried to rob the occupants. However, one of the roommates was having none of that. He ran into his room and grabbed a sword along with an antique gun. He then used the rudimentary weapons to chase off Faz. According to KXAN: Grabbing the sword and gun, the roommate... Read More »