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  • January 15, 2019 | Comments
    Concealed-carry permit holder shoots alleged armed robber in Illinois

    According to a story from the Chicago Sun Times: A concealed-carry permit holder shot a man who authorities said was trying to rob him Thursday afternoon in north suburban Waukegan. The 30-year-old Gurnee man told police he used the Letgo app to set up a meeting with 20-year-old Lawrence Dye, ostensibly to sell something to Dye, according to a statement from Waukegan police. When the man arrived at the meeting place... Read More »

  • September 30, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] Woman’s Boyfriend Shoots and Kills Her Estranged Husband When He Breaks In Carrying a Gun

    A Pittsburgh, PA woman's current boyfriend shot and killed her estranged husband when he broke into the woman's home this week. According to local media reports, According to police, the woman told 911 dispatchers that she believed her estranged husband had gotten into her home through a first-floor window. Police say that’s when the woman’s boyfriend, armed with a gun, came down the stairs and fired. “As... Read More »

  • July 23, 2014 | Comments
    19 Year Old Uses Shotgun to Shoot 2 Armed Home Invaders, Killing 1, to Save His Girlfriend

    A 19 year old resident in Pennsylvania had to use deadly force to defend himself, his girlfriend and his home when two armed men forced their way in and opened fire. According to TRIB Live, The apartment resident, whom authorities did not identify, told police that one of the men shot into the door of his first-floor apartment, and they pushed inside, Toler said. They shoved a 19-year-old man, who lives there with... Read More »

  • February 10, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] 76 Year Old SC Resident Shoots and Kills Suspect Who Tried to Attack Him With a Stun Gun

    According to media reports, a 76 year old resident of Lincolnville, SC was walking to his car when he was attacked by a suspect allegedly armed with a stun gun. When the suspect tried to attack the elderly resident, the resident drew a firearm and fired three shots at the suspect. It is unclear from reports if the resident was carrying the firearm or if he was able to retrieve it from his home or vehicle. The suspect... Read More »

  • September 07, 2013 | Comments
    Burglar in Tennessee Shot by Business Owner with 12G Shotgun

    Michael Johnson (pictured) had two outstanding warrants with local police, but that certainly didn't stop his criminal activities. According to WATE, Johnson tried to break into a Knox County business, but was met with resistance by the business owner. The owner of the business fired three shots from a 12 gauge shotgun, hitting Johnson at least once. Johnson then fled the scene of the burglary and showed up at... Read More »

  • September 04, 2013 | Comments
    Elderly, Disabled Woman Uses 9mm Glock to Fight Off Intruder High on Drugs

    We always like to say that guns are the great equalizer. They allow people like the elderly to level the playing field against younger, stronger assailants. That is exactly what happened in this case. Mabel Fletcher, 64-year-old disabled woman living in Ohio said she got her concealed weapons permit and a 9mm Glock handgun back in June for self defense. Fletcher was awakened by her dog when someone broke into... Read More »

  • March 30, 2013 | Comments
    [Video] FL Homeowner Shoots and Kills Ex Convict During Burglary

    A homeowner in FL used deadly force to defend his property when he caught a career criminal trying to steal lawn equipment from a trailer outside of the home. The suspect cut an opening in the roof of the trailer to gain entry. The homeowner caught the suspect and shot the suspect three times. The suspect managed to flee into a neighbor's yard where he was found dead by police. The suspect has numerous burglary... Read More »

  • March 25, 2013 | Comments
    OK Homeowner Shoots Home Invader While Waiting on Police & On Phone With 911

    An OK homeowner did everything he could to get police to his home before an intruder forced his way in. The homeowner told the 911 operator that police needed to arrive or he was going to have defend himself. While waiting on police, the homeowner was forced to shoot the suspect, who forced his way through the front door. The homeowner shot the suspect three times. The suspect was taken to an area hospital... Read More »

  • March 06, 2013 | Comments
    Mother Uses Shotgun to Defend Her Children From Armed Home Invader

    A mother in Covington, LA woke to an armed man standing in the doorway of her bedroom. The woman started screaming, temporarily scaring the intruder. THe mother used the opportunity to fetch her shotgun from the closet. She checked on her children and confronted the intruder near the front door to her home. She fired several shots at the suspect, but none hit him. Police arrested the suspect, but he had... Read More »

  • February 05, 2013 | Comments
    GA Female Homeowner Opens Fire on Four Would be Burglars

    A homeowner in GA came home after she got a notification about her alarm going off. A police officer arrived on scene before the woman and checked the home out but didn't find anyone. When the woman arrived and walked around her home she encountered a group of four suspected burglars. One was hiding in the woods behind her house and the others were exiting the backdoor of the home. The woman had walked around the back... Read More »