Virginia Governor Candidates Make Their Polar Opposite Positions on Gun Control Clear

October 28 2013
by GSL Staff
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The Republican and Democratic candidates for governor in Virginia have made their stances on gun control crystal clear following a debate late last week.

Republican Ken Cuccinelli, the state’s current Attorney General supports improving mental health care as a way to prevent mass shootings and similar violent crimes. Cuccinelli gas an “A” NRA-ILA rating.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe takes a polar opposite approach. He favors limitations on magazine capacity, an assault weapons ban and expanded background checks to include private sales between law abiding citizens. McAuliffe boasts an “F” NRA-ILA rating.

According to POLITICO,

“I’m an A-rated NRA candidate,” the Republican attorney general said Thursday night during the final debate of the race. “I’m running against the only F-rated candidate running statewide.”

It was also revealed last week that anti-gun NYC Mayor and activist Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun Super PAC would be pumping millions of dollars into McAuliffe’s campaign.

Bloomberg has often said that Virginia is a source for guns used in crime in New York City, where guns are tightly controlled.

According to the Washington Post,

Meanwhile, Bloomberg’s Independence USA super PAC sponsored an ad attacking Cuccinelli’s record on firearms, including his opposition to closing “the gun show loophole.”

“The gun show loophole — it means anyone can buy a gun without a background check: the dangerously mentally ill, criminals — endangering our families,” the ad says. Pictures flash of mass killers, including Adam Lanza, who killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., last December and Virginia-Tech shooter Seung Hui Cho. The ad says Cuccinelli is “too extreme for Virginia.”

The NRA has responded by airing ads in support of Cuccinelli to the tune of a $500,000 investment in his campaign.

This is yet another election that is pitting gun rights supporters directly against the multi-billion dollar fortune of Michael Bloomberg.

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