[Video] Ted Cruz Tells Trayvon Martin’s Mother the Truth About “Stand Your Ground” During Senate Hearing

October 31 2013
by GSL Staff
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Ted Cruz addressed Trayvon Martin’s mother during a Congressional Hearing on “Stand Your Ground” laws this week.

He began by offering his condolences to the family on the loss of their son’s life.

While Cruz was very sympathetic in the tone of his speech, but he also did not sugarcoat the subject.

Cruz points out that George Zimmerman never used a stand your ground defense in his murder trial.

Cruz then linked the current attack on stand your ground laws to political agendas.

“We know that some in our political process have a desire to exploit that tragic, violent incident for agendas that have nothing to do with that young man who lost his life. We have seen efforts to undermine the verdict of the jury and, more broadly, to inflame racial tensions that I think are sad and irresponsible,” the Texas senator added.

“I think that’s a remarkable statement on many, many fronts, including the fact that a great many African-Americans find themselves victims of violent crime, and have asserted this defense to defend themselves, defend their families, defend their children,” he explained.

“The notion that stand your ground laws are some form of veiled racism may be a convenient political attack, but it is not borne out by the facts remotely,” he concluded.

Cruz goes on to point out that then State Senator Barack Obama actually voted to expand Illinois’s self defense laws to include civil immunity in self defense shootings.

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