[Video] Recalled Senator Angela Giron Shows Why She Was Recalled in Interview on Navy Yard Shooting

September 18 2013
by GSL Staff
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Last week both Angela Giron and John Morse, two anti-gun members of Colorado’s state senate were recalled over their support of strict gun control laws in the state.

Immediately following her loss Giron gave a less than flattering interview with CNN in which she was rebuked by the anchor and alleged that voter suppression is the reason she lost her recall election.

Now, Giron is back in the spotlight. This time she and Morse both appeared on MSNBC to discuss the Navy Yard shooting, and how the Navy Yard is full of armed individuals.

Giron said,

And in this case in particular, we can look at, it was a Navy Yard. You couldn’t have any more armed people than in that case right there. We know that that’s not the case; the data doesn’t show that. And so we just have to continue to be out there.

However, anyone who has ever spent anytime on a military installation knows that firearms are extremely well regulated. You simply don’t have service members walking around with sidearms and long guns. Generally speaking, the military police and other security personnel are the only ones armed on a day to day basis.

Giron then further showed how little she pays attention to media reports.

I guess Giron missed the numerous media reports that the Navy shooter bought a shotgun, legally, while passing a background check in Virginia.

Good job Angela. With your keen knowledge on the issues and on the ball media savvy it’s hard to see why you were recalled.

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