[Video] New York Teenager Facing Weapons Charges for Playing With Airsoft Gun

October 2 2013
by GSL Staff
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More anti-gun hysteria.

This time it wasn’t even school related. It’s also pretty weird. A Rome, NY teenager is now facing weapons charges for playing with Airsoft guns in the courtyard of his friend’s apartment building.

A concerned resident called the police after seeing the boys, thinking they may be real guns. Police came out, investigated the toys, gave them back to the boys and told them to be careful.

That should have been that, however, three weeks later an officer showed up at the boy’s home to let the boy and his mother know that charges were most likely coming in relation to the incident.

A week after that, a month after the original incident, the mother of the boy received a court summons to bring her son to court to face an unlawful possession of a weapon by a minor charge.

However, the mother is fighting back, according WKTV2,

“I asked police if they had a complainant, somebody that said they were firing upon them. At that point I was told no and asked if they showed up at the scene and found 15 year old children playing with a weapon did they secure the weapon into evidence? And again was told no,” says Oshel…

…”I want it dismissed with prejudice. I don’t want this in any way to hurt my son’s future. If I felt that he had done something, if he was intentionally firing on somebody or had jumped out of a bush to scare someone or threaten and make it look like a real weapon then I wouldn’t be opposed to charges.”

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