[Video] Anti-Gun CA Senator Makes Absolute Fool of Himself While Introducing New Gun Control Bill

January 20 2014
by GSL Staff
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Wow. I guess with all of the excitement of SHOT Show last week, I’m just now seeing this.

If you want the short version, California State Senator Kevin de León knows almost nothing about guns, but he thought he would talk about guns for 20 minutes.

The California Democratic party then thought it would be a good idea to put said video on Youtube (with comments and ratings disabled of course).

Why don’t we just put a few of the highlights right here:

(throughout the video) – “Ghost Guns,” Spooky!

(~2:40) – “Shockily,” Not a word. Not a word at all.

(~3:03) – “This piece of metal [holding up 80% lower] is the engine of the semi automatic assault weapons you see here today,” Uh, things are getting weird.

(~5:30) – “This is a “ghost gun.” This right here has ability with a 30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second. 30-magazine clip in half a second..,” Bullets and clips and magazines – OH MY!

(6:25) – “This is an automatic sniper weapon used by our troops in Afghanistan,” No, no it isn’t.

(6:45) – “Serial detectable number,” What?

I think it might be time for this guy to either fire his speech writer or hire one if he doesn’t already have one.

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