Thieves Steal $70,000 in Rifles from Gun Shop in Smash and Grab Robbery

January 29 2014
by GSL Staff
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stock_DDM4LE-SSPDuring a bold robbery in Coweta County, GA thieves made off with as much as $70,000 in rifles from a store called AR Bunker.

The thieves used a stolen car to drive through the front of the store and loaded up all displayed rifles in a matter of seconds.

Despite the fact that police arrive to the scene within 20 seconds of the burglary, the thieves managed to get away.

According to WSBTV,

Investigators are still taking an inventory, but right now estimate a gun loss of $70,000, not to mention the structural damage left behind.

Morris said Newnan police arrived less than 20 seconds after the burglary and Coweta sheriff’s investigators arrived shortly after. Morris said sheriff’s investigators have a theory on how thieves got away with the guns.

“They think someone was waiting for them on the interstate and they carried the guns through the woods, up the interstate and left the car, which was stolen from Union City,” Morris said.

The incident occurred around 5am on Sunday morning.

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