Surprise Quote of the Day: Detroit Chief of Police – “Armed Citizens Can Deter Crime”

January 3 2014
by GSL Staff
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Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 12.30.50 PMYou rarely here an urban police chief voice anything even remotely pro-gun, but that’s exactly what we have here.

According to a Detroit News report, Detroit Police Chief James Craig has said he believes having more armed citizens helps to prevent crime.

Craig made the following remarks at a press conference,

“When we look at the good community members who have concealed weapons permits, the likelihood they’ll shoot is based on a lack of confidence in this Police Department.

“Coming from California (Craig was on the Los Angeles police force for 28 years), where it takes an act of Congress to get a concealed weapon permit, I got to Maine, where they give out lots of CCWs (carrying concealed weapon permits), and I had a stack of CCW permits I was denying; that was my orientation.

“I changed my orientation real quick. Maine is one of the safest places in America. Clearly, suspects knew that good Americans were armed.”

Of course, we have to have our token anti-gunner weigh in on the matter. From the Detroit News,

Robyn Thomas, director of the the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence in San Francisco, disagreed.

“I think at its core, his position is an emotional one, based on the idea that people feel safer when they have guns. But studies have shown more guns don’t deter crime,” Thomas said. “There’s no research that shows guns make anyone safer, and it does show that, the more guns in any situation, the higher the likelihood of them harming either the owner, or people who have access to them.”

During the same press conference, Craig announced that Detroit’s homicide rate declined over 10% in 2013 over 2012.

It’s good to here people in top law enforcement positions supporting and encouraging citizens to take responsibility for their own personal safety.

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