Mexico Realizes it Needs Armed Citizens, Legalizes Armed Vigilante Groups to Fight Cartels

January 28 2014
by GSL Staff
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Mexican_troops_operating_in_a_random_checkpoint_2009So, it looks like Mexico has finally come full circle on their gun control stance. I’m guessing the history of gun control in Mexico went something like this:

Take guns from everyone except the military -> Members of elite military forces take those guns and form powerful drug cartels -> Cartels rule Mexico unopposed for years -> Citizens realize they need guns to fight the cartels -> Citizens begin arming themselves -> Reading the writing on the wall, the Mexican government makes these armed groups legal.

According to Yahoo News, the Mexican government has basically made these vigilante groups, usually called self defense groups, legal in Mexico.

The groups are often armed members of a city, town or neighborhood who take it upon themselves to fight back against rising violence from the powerful drug cartels.

According to Yahoo,

The government said it had reached an agreement with vigilante leaders to incorporate the armed civilian groups into old and largely forgotten quasi-military units called the Rural Defense Corps. Vigilante groups estimate their numbers at 20,000 men under arms…

…”The self-defense forces will become institutionalized, when they are integrated into the Rural Defense Corps,” the Interior Department said in a statement. Police and soldiers already largely tolerate, and in some cases even work with, the vigilantes, many of whom are armed with assault rifles that civilians are not allowed to carry.

We wish these brave citizens the best of luck in their fight.

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