Kentucky Baptists Using Gun Giveaways to Lure People to Church

March 3 2014
by GSL Staff
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bibleYep, only in Kentucky. I guess pretty much everyone is piggybacking on the current overwhelming popularity of guns, including Baptist leaders in Kentucky.

It’s been a fairly common practice for sellers of higher cost products (such as cars) to give away firearms with purchases, and we’ve even seen youth sports teams raffling off firearms to help raise funds recently.

However, I think this is the first case we have of a church using firearms to get people through the door.

According to the Courier Journal,

In an effort its spokesman has described as “outreach to rednecks,” the Kentucky Baptist Convention is leading “Second Amendment Celebrations,” where churches around the state give away guns as door prizes to lure in nonbelievers in hopes of converting them to Christ.

As many as 1,000 people are expected at the next one, on Thursday at Lone Oak Baptist Church in Paducah, where they will be given a free steak dinner and the chance to win one of 25 handguns, long guns and shotguns.

The goal is to “point people to Christ,” the church says in a flier. Chuck McAlister, an ex-pastor, master storyteller and former Outdoor Channel hunting show host who presides at the events as the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s team leader for evangelism, said 1,678 men made “professions of faith” at about 50 such events last year, most of them in Kentucky.

Many churches of course do no share the same stance on guns. Recently, in the state of GA, church leaders have shown that they are divided on the right to keep and bear arms. Some churches have publicly come out in favor of HB 875 which, among other things, would allow licensed gun carriers to carry into churches. GA is currently 1 of 6 states which explicitly bans the carry of firearms in churches. Other churches have publicly condemned the bill.

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