Following Zimmerman/Martin Case – Sanford, FL Tries to Ban Guns for Neighborhood Watch

October 31 2013
by GSL Staff
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No_GunAccording to several media reports, the city of Sanford, FL will attempt to put in place new rules which forbid members of neighborhood watches from carrying guns.

The city’s new police chief requested the policy and it will be announced at an upcoming community meeting.

According to the Orlando Sentinel,

The no-gun policy was requested by police Chief Cecil Smith to better regulate the city’s network of residents looking out for one another to promote safer neighborhoods, Police Department spokeswoman Shannon Cordingly said.

“We never encouraged people to carry guns,” Cordingly said.

The new changes, to be announced at a community meeting Tuesday at 7 p.m. at City Hall, include formal training and registration of all volunteers.

Of course, what many of these articles talking about these new regulations fail to mention – they don’t mean anything.

Florida has state preemption on firearms laws. No city, town or county can pass more restrictive laws in regards to guns and firearm carry than the state. This means Sanford cannot actually make it illegal for neighborhood watch volunteers to carry a gun if they are properly licensed to do so by the state.

There is also no legal requirement that neighborhood watch organizations associate with the police department or register with a national neighborhood watch organization.

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