Connecticut Police Seize Citizen’s 274 Guns

October 9 2013
by GSL Staff
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callahanJoseph Callahan, 69, is a retired chemist. During his accomplished career he worked for DuPont and Remington Arms.

Obviously being a chemist and working for a firearms company probably means those two things are going to make their way into your life.

During his retirement Callahan enjoyed building model rockets, working on his vintage sports cars (two of which ran on rocket fuel) and of course collecting guns and ammo.

Callahan had, at his upscale, suburban home, numerous chemicals and propellants related to his model rocket hobby, tens of thousands of rounds of ammo and 270 firearms.

All of these things, and these things alone, led to a police raid of his home that resulted in his firearms being confiscated by police.

However, all of the items found in Callahan’s home have a legitimate use. Callahan is an accomplished competitive skeet shooter, even making it into the hall of fame. His work at Remington started his gun collecting hobby, and the chemicals found were related to his rocket and sports car hobbies according to his attorney.

The whole incident began when Callahan reported a burglary to his home to police.

According to the New York Daily News,

But attorney Richard Meehan said Callahan is a retired chemist and collector who had no “nefarious intent” when items were discovered at his upscale Fairfield home.

“He’s a gun collector, and they’re all registered. They’re all legal,” Meehan told the Daily News on Tuesday. “In addition, he’s an amateur rocketeer. He shoots off his own small rockets, and a lot of what he had was related to the rocketry.”

Callahan was allowed free in lieu of bond with the condition that he help officials sort out the scene.

Callahan is being charged with 11 felonies related to illegal explosives.

If Callahan was truly manufacturing illegal explosives it would seem surprising to simply set him free with no bail.

There are some reports that some of the chemicals found at the home may have been illegal to own, and we’ll update the story as more concrete facts come out.

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