BREAKING: TX Student Armed With Rifle, Two Handguns Arrested After His Parents Raised Red Flag

April 28 2014
by GSL Staff
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AK StockAccording to local media reports, a student at Madison High School in San Antonio, TX was arrested with an AK-47 style rifle, a .45 handgun and a .22 handgun at the school.

The arrest occurred after the student’s parents raised the alarm with school officials. The parents came to the school, confronted their son and got him to turn over the firearms, which were apparently taken from the home.

The motive for the firearms is currently unknown.

According to My San Antonio,

It is unknown whether he was planning a mass shooting, but Chancellor said he told district police that he intended to make some demands over the intercom system, although she did not know what those were. He told authorities that “if the demands were not met, he had planned on committing violence,” Chancellor said. She did not know whether he had a history of violence or mental health issues.

“Everyone is safe,” Chancellor said.

The student’s parents had reported him as a runaway that morning and arrived at the school after it was determined that he was there, Chancellor said. During a meeting with school officials and their son, the student’s parents asked that his backpack be checked, Chancellor said. After finding two loaded guns and the knife, his parents asked him where the third gun was, Chancellor said.

This is a good example of how attentive parenting can help prevent tragic events from occurring.

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