BREAKING: 2 Shot on Millington Naval Base in Tennessee

October 24 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to 14News, two people have been shot at or near a naval base in Millington, TN.

Both victims are alive and are described as being in non-critical condition.

The Navy confirmed the shooting and the non-critical status on its Twitter account.

The shooter, who is in custody, is described as a disgruntled employee who was recently fired. The base is currently on lockdown.

This is the latest shooting that happened in a so called “gun free zone” where law abiding citizens are not allowed to carry firearms for protection.

On military installations, contrary to popular belief, firearms are even more regulated than they are in the civilian world. Usually only military police and security personnel have access to weapons on military bases.

Earlier this year, following the shooting at the Naval Yard in Washington DC, the commandant of the United States Marines called for the arming of more Marine personnel on base.

Associated video report:

14 News, WFIE, Evansville, Henderson, Owensboro

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