Incoming Boston Mayor Opposes Putting AR-15’s In Police Cruisers

January 2 2014
by GSL Staff
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stock_DDM4LE-SSPI’m kind of torn on this one. On the one hand, I absolutely think our nation’s police forces are becoming over militarized, on the other hand, I know Boston Mayor-elect Martin J. Walsh is most likely an anti-gunner.

Walsh makes no direct mention of his stance on gun control on his website, however he does mention the following,

Expanding the Fight on Illegal Firearms – Marty will engage with municipal leaders in cities known as pathways for guns to stop the flow to Boston. He will engage elected officials and law enforcement across city and state lines to help prevent and remove the flow of illegal firearms from surrounding states with more lax gun laws to Boston. Partnering with fellow Mayors in this fashion typifies Marty’s collaborative and innovative approach to city government.

Sounds like our favorite group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, might have had a hand in writing that paragraph.

According to the Boston Herald,

“It gives you at least a fighting chance if you go into something where suspects have more firepower than you,” [an unnamed veteran officer] said.

Boston police spokesman Sgt. Mike McCarthy had said the plan to buy the guns and arm officers was in the works before the marathon bombings and was motivated by a nationwide surge in massacres such as the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn., when suspects are still armed and shooting.

The use of the weapons, he said, would be strictly regulated and would not be used during routine patrol. Use of the weapons could include an active-shooter incident, firing on a suspect from a distance and confronting a suspect wearing body armor.

Of course, the media had to find someone who knew virtually nothing about the AR-15 platform to weigh in on the issue,

Thomas Nolan, a former BPD lieutenant and now a criminal justice professor at the State University of New York, said Walsh is making the right decision because arming beat cops with high-powered rifles is counterproductive to establishing trust with residents. He noted firing a round from an AR-15 can launch a bullet two miles.

“If the cops have these machine guns, they’re going to use them,” Nolan said. “Someone is going to get hurt, someone is going to get killed, an innocent bystander is going to get caught in the crossfire and there is going to be a tragic result,” he said.

Well, first off, they aren’t machine guns, they are semi-automatic rifles that require you to pull the trigger for each shot. They work in the same way most popular hunting and target rifles do, they simply resemble the military’s M4 and M16 rifles in appearance. The effective range of the 5.56 round is also well under 2 miles (usually 600-1000m depending on barrel length, bullet weight and barrel twist), although a bullet may travel that far under ideal conditions.

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