Anti-Gun Crowd Shows Desperation With New Video Selling Fear

March 19 2015
by Sam Cadle
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You have never bought a gun before, and you see a new store in the area.  You stop in to ask questions, show your interest and get some information.  Instead of being greeted by a friendly shop owner who answers your questions and helps you, you are greeted with someone who feeds you lies to shock and shame you.  That is how the latest propaganda piece is looking.

Their opening sequence even admits, they “did the unthinkable.”  Seems like lies is the only way that they can get people on their side.  How many times have the Moms or Everytown or even Ceasefire been torn apart in the media for posting and publishing false information and lying to the public?  Several that I can think of, but I am sure there are hundreds.  The fact of the matter is that they lie to get their way and base their argument on distorted numbers, half-truths and emotions.  They refuse to debate in the real world and with real numbers.

This attempt screams desperation and fear mongering, and if I was one of those people in that shop being duped I would be furious.  No one knows yet if the people shopping are actors or not, but the guy behind the counter is none other than Ned Luke who has made money from gratuitous violence and weapon usage in the Grand Theft Auto V game is using the excuse that he was “a paid actor” and didn’t support the cause, he just did what they paid him to do.

If you head over to his Facebook page, take a look at the comments in the now deleted explanation, there seem to be a lot of people unhappy with his actions.  He has pulled his statement and replaces it with the internet shorthand ‘smh’ (shaking my head).  This was not doing a job to make some money, this was straight up propaganda put out there to make people have an visceral reaction to firearms.

Thankfully Bearing Arms got a screenshot of his Facebook post defending his actions:

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