[Video] Gun Sales for 2013 Shatter Previous Records

January 7 2014
by GSL Staff
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If, as the anti-gunners would have us believe, most Americans support additional gun control, they certainly aren’t showing it with their wallets.

According to recently released data, 2013 shattered the previous sales records for firearms and ammunition sales.

According to NICS background check numbers over 21 million background checks were conducted in 2013. This is up 8% from the previous year and the 11th straight year that number has risen according to the Washington Times.

However, numbers for November and December 2013 were markedly lower than 2012, possibly marking a decline in sales. It is certainly much easier to find most guns in stock now than it was a year ago.

Many consumers may also be waiting to see what new firearms are unveiled at the SHOT Show in January, the largest shooting and hunting trade show in the world and were most manufacturers unveil their new models each year.

It should be noted the number of background checks is likely significantly less than the number of firearms actually sold. Consumers can buy more than one gun per background check and most states will allow carry permit holders to show their permit in lieu of the background check.

According to the Washington Times, industry experts expect firearms sales to take a dip in 2014, but expect ammo sales to remain high as the demand for ammo for all those new guns hasn’t quite caught up with availability yet.

It should be noted that even though gun sales continue to break record after record over the last decade, violent crime and homicides are decidedly down across the country.

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