[Video] Gun Industry Insider Gives Us the Real Story on .22LR Availability During Interview

October 3 2014
by GSL Staff
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The ammo shortage that we saw in 2013 has largely subsided. You can get nearly any kind of ammo you want at local stores and/or online with one glaring exception.

While the situation is getting better, .22LR remains a fairly elusive round. We have moved away from the ridiculous prices we saw in 2013 of $0.12+ per round down to around $.06 – .08 round as of late.

However, many people still have questions about where all of the .22LR has gone. Cue the video.

Here is the video description:

At American Rifleman, Mark Keefe has written about ammunition scarcity in, “Okay, Really, What’s Going On With .22 Rimfire?” The editor-in-chief explains the dynamics of supply and demand, with its accompanying speculation and hoarding.

He notes that companies are still catching up from the buying surge that occurred after the Obama administration began promoting gun control. He explains that the ammo is difficult and costly to make, profit margins are low, and opening a new factory is a slow and expensive.

As we’ve previously stated, ammo companies don’t make nearly as much money per round on rimfire ammo as they do on centerfire. Compound this with a huge demand and the fact that rimfire is actually harder to make and you have a perfect recipe for a shortage.

Hopefully this video and explanation has been helpful to you, and hopefully we will see the days of cheap and plentiful rimfire ammo return shortly.

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