Ruger Issues Recall on Certain SR-556 Rifles

March 31 2014
by GSL Staff
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RugerRuger has issued a recall notice on some of its SR-556 rifles. This is Ruger’s second recall on one of their rifles in about two weeks. The company issued a recall on some of their rimfire rifles earlier in March.

The details of the recall, taken from Ruger’s website, can be found below.


We have determined that the disconnector in the two-stage trigger system on our SR-556VT™ modern sporting rifles was not properly heat treated by a vendor and that the disconnector can wear prematurely. This, in turn, can result in an unsafe condition in which the rifle delays firing (there is a delay in firing after the trigger is pulled) or doubles (discharging once when the trigger is pulled and again when the trigger is released). Although no incidents have been reported from the field, this is an important safety issue and we are therefore recalling the rifles.


This disconnector is used only in the two-stage trigger system found in the SR-556VT™ models and no other models of the SR-556® are affected by the recall. However, at this point, all SR-556VT™ rifles manufactured to date are subject to the recall. The SR-556VT™ is distinctive looking as it is equipped with a fixed stock, brushed stainless steel barrel, Magpul® MOE® pistol grip and extended charging handle on the left side. Thus, if your rifle looks like the picture below, it IS subject to the recall. If you have any other model SR-556®, then your rifle IS NOT subject to the recall. If you have questions about whether your rifle is subject to the recall, you can contact our Newport Customer Service Department at 603-865-2442.


If you think you own one of the affected rifles, you should head over to the Ruger website for instructions on sending your rifle in for repair. They’ll even give you a free magazine for your trouble.

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