Remington Gets $50 Million Contract to Provide R4 Rifles to Philippine Military

December 2 2013
by GSL Staff
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Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 3.37.58 PMThe following press released was posted on Representative Richard Hanna’s website today.

Remington is set to provide more than 50,000 R4 rifles (R4-C pictured) to the Philippines military.

U.S. Representative Richard Hanna today announced that Remington Outdoor Company, Inc. has been awarded a nearly $50 million direct commercial sale contract to produce more than 50,000 R4 carbine rifles for the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Work on the contract is scheduled to begin immediately and will be completed in 2014.

Remington Outdoor Company, Inc. is the parent company of Remington Arms. The work will be completed in Ilion by Mohawk Valley employees with components sourced from Remington’s facilities and suppliers across 20 states. More than 50,000 R4 carbine rifles will be manufactured along with accessories, spare parts, and training.

“The award of this competitive contract continues to prove Remington’s excellence in the industry worldwide,” Rep. Hanna said. “I have full confidence that this contract will be fulfilled with the high quality and standards that define our Ilion workforce. The proven performance of Remington’s quality products keeps attracting buyers at home and abroad.”

Remington Arms was founded in 1816 in Upstate New York and is one of the nation’s oldest continually operating manufacturers. Remington Arms designs, produces and sells sporting goods products for the hunting and shooting sports markets, as well as military, government and law enforcement markets.

It is unclear exactly which version of the R4 rifle Remington will be making for the contract. The R4 is Remington’s version of the popular M4/AR15 rifle.

The Rifle comes in both civilian semi-auto versions with barrel lengths greater than 16″ as well as in military configurations that can sport shorter barrels and come with select fire capability.

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