Official Specs and Photos of Glock’s Single Stack 9mm Glock 43 Leaked a Day Ahead of Press Release

March 18 2015
by GSL Staff
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If you’ve been following Glock’s social media campaigns over the last few weeks it’s not hard to tell that Glock is teasing an upcoming single stack 9mm pistol which would likely by the Glock 43.

Here is their latest Facebook post:

Glock is having a live event from their headquarters on March 20th where they are expected to unveil the highly anticipated concealed carry gun.

However, it seems that photos and specs have already been leaked according to Concealed Nation, who says the info and images come straight from Glock.

The images are high resolution and don’t seem to be manipulated (although I’m hardly an expert).

According to the specs, the gun will be just larger than the G42 and have a capacity of 6+1 rounds.




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