New Owner of Red Jacket Firearms (as Shown on ‘Sons of Guns’) Speaks About Will Hayden Child Rape Claims

September 12 2014
by GSL Staff
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Joe Meaux, who has been in charge of Red Jacket Firearms (the guns hop featured on Discovery Channel’s now canceled ‘Sons of Guns’), is now speaking out about the child rape allegations against former owner and SOG star Will Hayden. According to an interview with Fox News,

“At first it was very hard to believe… Somebody making these allegations to somebody that I knew, it was very shocking and very confusing at first,” Meaux told FOX411 in an exclusive interview. “Will vehemently denied them, said that [it was coming from] somebody with false allegations and there was no truth. I believed it. You don’t want to believe somebody you have known over the last five years had the capability of doing that.”

Although Meaux says he had no prior knowledge of any alleged illicit activity involving minors, he has come to question Hayden’s character during their relationship.

“At one time I considered Will a friend, but looking back at it a lot of our interactions had ulterior motives from him — manipulations and things. Seeing all the people stepping forward now, it really brings to light how much control he was trying to impart on everything around him,” the gun store owner continued.

“Will had his on-screen persona and his off-screen persona. His off-screen persona tried to [live in] the reality show and that is what caused a lot of conflicts and problems. I wanted to have a true firearms manufacturing company. Will wanted to have a drama manufacturing company. Those two had a conflict.”

Will Hayden is currently facing numerous charges in two different jurisdictions for the alleged rape and sexual abuse of multiple child victims. Some of the victims are now adults. Due to the fact that Hayden is facing multiple charges in multiple jurisdictions, he is technically unable to bail out, even if he comes up with the hundreds of thousands of dollars required to do so.

Red Jacket Firearms has legally separated itself from Hayden following the abuse allegations.

Discovery cancelled the television show “Sons of Guns” after Hayden was arrested for the second time.

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